General Electric Motors

General Electric manufactures specialty motors designed to meet the requirements of the pump industry. GE’s pump-specific motors include vertical hollow shaft motors (VHS), horizontal pump motors and vertical solid shaft motors (VSS).

Known industry-wide for quality and efficiency, GE’s motors are available in a variety of electrical configurations with numerous optional features. Additionally, GE offers a variety of enclosures for all of its vertical and horizontal pump motors.

General Electric Oil and Gas

General Electric’s Oil and Gas division manufactures high-quality submersible pumping equipment designed primarily for deep-set well applications. GE’s high-pressure multi-stage horizontal booster pumps are often used for fracking and can stand up to the rigors of similar high-pressure applications.

GE’s oil and gas pump technology can also be applied to the water well industry. GE’s submersible well pumps are ideal for deep-water well pumping and are suitable for pumping up to thousands of feet.

As a distributor of General Electric motors and pumps in the Intermountain West, Nickerson Company can attest to the quality and versatility of GE’s products. As a dedicated GE dealer, Nickerson not only specializes in the sale of GE pumps and motors, but also works in tandem with GE’s technicians on the repair and replacement of GE’s products and parts.

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