Firetrol Controller

Firetrol Controller is the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art diesel and electric fire pump controllers. In addition to its fire pump controllers, Firetrol is known for its reliable and easily-serviced electrical soft starters, power transfer switches and jockey pump controllers.

Nickerson Company has long been the principal supplier of fire protection systems in the Intermountain West. As a Firetrol dealer, Nickerson specializes not only in the sale of its fire protection systems and accessories, but also in the startup and basic field service of Firetrol’s systems. Our experienced technicians regularly cross over other controllers to Firetol controllers.

Offering deep well systems and fire pumps in both vertical and horizontal configurations, Nickerson’s selection of electric and diesel-powered units, flow meters and test headers delivers the best in fire protection.

We Repair and Service ANY and ALL brands of Pumps