Mining Pumps

Mining Pumps Sales & Service

Meeting the demanding conditions in mining applications usually requires specialized pumps that can resist corrosive chemicals and erosive particulates. Nickerson Company understands the need for maximum performance and reliability when pumping large quantities of dirty and corrosive liquids to help keep mines operating at peak profitability.

We offer an extensive selection of mining pumps specifically engineered to resist abrasive materials and tough operating environments. From submersible and all stainless steel dewatering pumps and other types of centrifugal water pumps in both horizontal and vertical pump configurations, Nickerson offers high-quality mining pumps from multiple manufacturers to fit almost any mining application.

Nickerson also has extensive experience in the application of submersible turbine pumps in mine dewatering applications. We routinely provide and install mine dewatering pumps up to 3,000 feet deep and 1,500 HP.

Pump Services, Repairs & Material Upgrades

Nickerson Company has decades of experience providing all markets with pumps and pump parts in special constructions utilizing materials such as 304 SS, 316 SS, CD4MCu SS, and 17-4 pH SS, to meet environmental demands and process-specific needs.

Our extensive pump repair facility in Salt Lake City, which includes complete machine, mechanical, and fabrication shops, has the capabilities required to modify existing centrifugal water pumps to be better suited for the demands of mining and other demanding markets. Our team of machinists, mechanics, and fabricators is highly experienced in pump modifications, duplicating parts in alternative materials, and providing virtually any service necessary to meet our customers’ pump needs.

Additionally, Nickerson’s pump repair facility offers a variety of protective coatings that have been proven to extend the productivity and lifespan of all pump equipment. Our rubber linings, catalyst epoxy coatings, and 3M powder coatings protect pumps from abrasive and corrosive materials.

Our Commitment to Delivering Excellence

Nickerson Company is dedicated to providing the best possible products and services at the most competitive prices. When we take care of our customers, we are helping them care for our shared home.

  • Unparalleled customer service to help keep your pumps running at their peak
  • 100 years of quality, dependability and industry-leading expertise
  • A large network of dependable manufacturers to meet urgent needs
  • Pumps, motors, and other equipment available in a variety of configurations
  • OSHA-licensed, MSHA-certified and state-licensed pump installers
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturers to ensure consistently high-quality pumps
  • UL® listed, FM® approved, NFPA-approved designs
  • Pump installation, preventative maintenance and complete in-house pump repair services


Pump Sales & Service for the Intermountain West

Nickerson has the expertise and experience to repair and service almost any brand of pump from any industry.

Pump Sales, Field Service & Repair Services

  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Western Wyoming
  • Eastern Nevada
  • Western Colorado
  • We'll come to you, almost anywhere within 300 miles of Salt Lake City.
  • Unparalleled customer service to help keep your pumps running at their peak.
  • Pump installation, preventative maintenance, and complete in-house pump repair services.
  • OSHA-licensed, MSHA-certified, state-licensed, and fully-insured pump installers.

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