Baker Hughes General Electric

Baker Hughes is a General Electric company that manufactures submersible pump systems for the oil and gas industry. While Nickerson Company does not market Baker Hughes products to the oil and gas market, we do provide these products to all other markets where water needs to be pumped from deep well sources beyond the capabilities of conventional water well pumping equipment.

Depending on the size and capacity of the required pump, most conventional water well pumps will not work well beyond a 1,500-foot setting depth. Baker Hughes’ submersible pumps are routinely set at depths in excess of 1,000 feet and we have successfully supplied and set oil field-style submersible pumps in up to 3,000-foot setting depths at 1,500 HP and 110,000-pound installed string weights.

Baker Hughes pumps are usually a more highly-engineered product than a typical water well pump and have multiple available options and features that are applicable to deep setting depths and corrosive water. Baker Hughes also offers VFD drive systems, armored power cables and transformers to complete these specialized equipment packages.

When these deep set pumps systems are specified, it is vitally important that the proper drop pipe provided is suitable for the application, as conventional water well pipe generally cannot be used beyond about a 1,000-foot setting depth. Nickerson can provide API specification oil field drop pipe that is certified safe for the required setting depth.

The installation of these pumps is also much more technical than conventional water well equipment and requires detailed assembly and servicing in the field prior to installation. The installation of Baker Hughes pumps also require specialized pipe handling equipment, including hydraulic power tongs and weight rated pipe slips and elevators. Nickerson has the vital expertise and equipment needed to install Baker Hughes’ oil field-style submersible pumps.

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