American Turbine Pump

Acquired by National Pump Company in 2012, American Turbine Pump continues its long-held tradition of providing world class vertical turbine and submersible pumps. Renowned for efficiency and dependability, its products are consistently among the most energy-efficient in the field.

Established in 1975, the company has since expanded its expertise to include centrifugal water pumps for municipal water supply, as well as pumps for the commercial, industrial, agricultural, oil and gas markets. Its products reliably facilitate the movement of waste water, HVAC, mine dewatering, turf irrigation and snowmaking processes across the United States.

American Turbine manufactures a wide variety of vertical turbine pumps, including line shaft and submersible deep well pumps, short coupled vertical turbine sump and booster pumps, and its vertical turbine pump bowls range in size from 6” to 15”.

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As an exclusive dealer and a leader in the sale, repair and replacement of American Turbine Pump products in the Intermountain West, we at Nickerson Company know that American Turbine’s commitment to providing first-rate products is surpassed only by its dedication to its customers.

A proud American Turbine Pump distributor, Nickerson Company can supply, service or replace any pump manufactured by American Turbine.

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