Cla-Val Control Valves

Cla-Val Control Valves is the premier U.S. manufacturer of automatic control valves for the water, fire protection, mining and industrial industries. Cla-Val’s automatic control valves can be customized to handle virtually any wastewater or industrial fluid-handling application.

Cla-Val’s versatile electronic control valves combine the advanced technology of electronics and the efficiency of hydraulic control to provide superior solutions for chilled water systems, pressure regulation, surge control, backflow protection, level control and a host of specialized applications.

When it comes to water utility systems, Cla-Val’s automatic control valves are specifically designed to meet industry requirements while improving efficiency, saving water and reducing usage through pressure optimization. All of Cla-Val’s control valves are tested and certified compliant with industry lead content requirements and drinking water standards.

As an experienced Cla-Val Control Valves dealer, Nickerson Company handles the sale and service of the company’s full line of control valves. Nickerson also provides repair services, parts and complete replacement of Cla-Val’s valves, including its flow control valves, pressure relief valves (PRV), level control valves, check valves, pump control valves, surge anticipator valves, pressure sustaining valves and air relief valves.

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