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Centrifugal Water Pumps of All Types

Serving the intermountain region and beyond, Nickerson Company offers a large variety of types of centrifugal water pumps and pump products from major manufacturers in a wide range of sizes, applications, and configurations. Unlike other pump companies, we deliver full service repair and maintenance for your every need.

Deep Well Line Shaft Pumps

Engineering, providing, installing and servicing deep well line shaft pumps since the 1930’s. Learn More ›

Deep Well Line <span>Shaft Pumps</span>

Deep Well Submersible Pumps

Pioneering the use of larger mining and municipal submersible pump applications. Learn More ›

Deep Well <span>Submersible Pumps</span>

HVAC Pumps

HVAC pumps and systems for schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and more. Learn More ›

HVAC <span>Pumps</span>

Fire Pumps

Dominant supplier of fire pump systems in the Intermountain West. Learn More ›

Fire <span>Pumps</span>

Industrial Pumps

Offering a wide variety of clean, dirty, and corrosive water pumps in different configurations. Learn More ›

Industrial <span>Pumps</span>

Mining Pumps

Specialized pumps to meet the extreme demands of pumping dirty and/or corrosive water. Learn More ›

Mining <span>Pumps</span>

Municipal Pumps

Extensive experience working with engineers, contractors, and municipal end users. Learn More ›

Municipal <span>Pumps</span>

Snowmaking Pumps

Supplying and maintaining snowmaking pumps for large resorts in the west since the 1970’s. Learn More ›

Snowmaking <span>Pumps</span>

Wastewater Pumps

We provide complete packages of equipment from small grinder pump systems to complete municipal lift stations. Learn More ›

Wastewater <span>Pumps</span>

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