Installing Our Largest Deep Well Pump to Date


  1. I liked that you said that one reason to consider hiring a professional to install a water well pump for your property is that they have the proper tools and equipment to complete the process correctly. I have been thinking about installing the water pump myself but I have been worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it correctly. I will be sure to hire a professional to ensure quality.

  2. Tim

    Installing a deep well pump may be more complicated than installing a shallow well pump. It requires many types of equipment so I will have a professional set up a deep well pump when I decide to install it.

  3. Dave

    Yes If a pump is being raised with a 30”long spool 12” casing flg x flg. . Has a discharge head existing and pump will just go up 30” from where it is in the well! So if I raise the pipe to first collar below the pump head and sit it on the well casing that is flanged , can I pick the next 20 ft length of column up sit a well clamp on the well casing, screw the 4” x 20 ft column length off while holding it with another clamp at the top and slip the 30” long x 12 “ flg x flg spool under the dangling column tie it temporarily to column, then drop the column onto couplin on the existing column sitting on wellhead. Remove wellhead clamp and drop the 20 ft into well while bolting up the 12” spool. Screw head on and be done? So pump head will be raided 30” with the 12” x 30 long Flg x flg. Column spool?

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