Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace a Water Pump


  1. It’s good to know that you won’t notice a problem until something is completely broken. I feel like that happens more than people would like since it can be easy to forget some maintence issues. Besides, not keeping up with maintenance, what other things would cause a water pump to break?

  2. That’s really cool that to install, maintain, and repair pumps, specialized personnel, tools, and equipment are required. I’ve heard that some pumps can last for up to 100 years if they’re properly maintained. Is that true? My dad owns a pump, and we’ll have to keep this info in mind as we monitor it and maintain it as necessary.

  3. Like you said, when there are problems with a water pump, it is often difficult to know whether to repair or replace it. I think that because of that it is important to make sure that you do regular maintenance. With maintenance, you are able to know if part of the pump is not working correctly. You would also be able to prevent a lot of major problems with maintenance.

    1. Thanks for your comment Dave, agreed!

  4. I agree with the article, active regular maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your water pump in shape. However, it is likely that you are going to encounter some kind of problem that breaks it later. Because of that, you need to make sure that you can find a service that can come out and fix the pump whenever it breaks down.

    1. Exactly. Nickerson offers extensive field service capabilities with specialized tools and equipment to service pumps of all types in the field quickly and efficiently. Our staff includes licensed and bonded field service technicians. Learn more under ‘Field Services’ on our site.

  5. Thanks for your comment about how welders can fix pumps that need to be repaired. I like how you said that this could include cutting and fabricating as well. My husband is considering welder repair services for a pump on our property, and we are looking into professionals.

    1. You are welcome Ashley. Best of luck with your repair. Are you based in Utah? Give us a call if you think we’d be a fit.

  6. Having you say that most water pumps can be repaired is good to hear. Recently, we have had some problems with our pump having very low water pressure. I want to get it working again so I’ll have to call up a well pump repair service.

    1. Brian McWhorter

      Michael, I’m glad that the article provided information that you found helpful. An experienced pump shop should be able to tell you if your pump is a type that is repairable and if a standard rebuild is worth it. Providing them with the manufacturer name, model number, and serial number will help immensely.

      Good luck!

  7. I liked how you said that repairing a pump might not be the best route. I feel when a pump has broken it is a good idea to evaluate the benefits and cost of repairing versus replacing it. Taking the time to do this could save you time and money in the long run.

  8. It’s great that you talked about how to know if you should repair or replace a water pump. In my opinion, it’s important to provide regular maintenance to any type of machine. By doing so, you’d be ensuring that it is in good shape and avoid costly repairs. I think you did a great job explaining how performing preventive maintenance for a water pump avoids future inconveniences.

    1. Brian McWhorter


      Thank you for reading the article and leaving a comment! I agree that regular maintenance is essential to extend any piece of equipment’s lifespan.

      Good luck with on your future endeavors!

  9. It helped when you mentioned that you will mention a water well pump if it is broken. My uncle mentioned to me last night that they are planning to have a new water well pump installed in their home and asked if I have any idea what is the best option to do. Thanks to this informative article and I’ll be sure to tell him that it will be much better if they consult a trusted water well pump installation service as they can answer all his inquiries and will provide good-quality service.

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