Mechanical Shop

Mechanical ShopMechanical-shop-SS-CascadeNickerson Company’s in-house pump shop mechanics are experienced in working with nearly every type and configuration of centrifugal pumps.

Mechanical-shop-10-DDL-long-versionWorking on virtually all brands of pumps in addition to the pump manufacturers represented by Nickerson Company, our mechanical shop is capability of servicing any need.

Mechanical Water Pump Services

  • Detailed strip reports
  • Quotations to repair
  • Material upgrade options
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Parts replication in various materials
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Tungsten carbide wear journals
  • Mechanical seal rebuilding
  • Mechanical seal retrofits
  • Electric motor repair
  • Induction heater mounting of bearings
  • Shaft straightening
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Submersible cable testing in water
  • Fabricated steel baseplates
  • Sand blasting
  • Power coating
  • Epoxy coating
  • Ceramic coatings
  • Rubber lining
  • Laser alignment
  • Field removal and reinstallation services
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