Layne / Verti-Line Pump

Layne/Verti-Line Pump has manufactured industry-leading vertical turbine pumps for over a century. From its humble beginnings in 1882, Layne/Verti-Line Pump has grown to manufacture time-tested centrifugal water pumps for the industrial, municipal, agriculture, irrigation, and oil and gas markets.

Distributor and Authorized Repair Center for Layne Verti-Line

In line with its commitment to constantly evolve and improve to meet changing industry needs, the company continues its tradition of excellence with its Layne/Verti-Line Series. Now under Pentair ownership, Layne/Verti-Line Pump considers Nickerson Company a trusted distributor and reliable service provider for all of its pumps.

Proud to be an exclusive dealer of Layne/Verti-Line Pump products, Nickerson Company regularly handles the sale, repair, parts acquisition and replacement of the company’s vertical turbine pumps throughout the intermountain west.

Nickerson Co. is an exclusive dealer for Layne/Verti-Line

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