Cascade Pump

CascadeCascade makes a diverse range of water pumps for the high volume, low fit market. Cascade Pump offers various metallurgies to meet the needs of pumping abrasive and corrosive water. They are the largest exclusive producer of Axial Flow and Mixed Flow pumping equipment in the world, and they’ve been manufacturing in California since 1953.

Cascade Pump Markets

Municipal: Flood Control, Storm Water, Water and Sewage Treatment, RAS, Mixed Liquor, Filter Backwash Effluent, and Transfer.

Industrial: Pulp & Paper, Brine Transfer, Cooling Tower, Process, Mine Dewatering Desalination Plants, Fish Hatcheries, Circulating Water and Raw Water.

Agricultural: Flood Irrigation, Drainage, Fish Farms and Shrimp Farms.

Recreational: Wave Pools, River Rides, Theme Parks, and Fountains.

Other: Water Tunnel, Aqua Culture, Hydro Turbines, Golf Courses, Dry Docks, Defense, Bow Thrusters, Bilge, Ballast Tanks, Jet Aerators, Land Reclamation, Airport/Highway Drainage, Food Processing, and Motion Picture Sets.

To view specific pump types and specs, please visit the Cascade Pump website.

Cascade Pump Sales & Installation

Nickerson Company has been in the business for over 90 years, so we know a thing or two about high quality pumps. We only recommend and sell the best. That’s why we’re an exclusive dealer of Cascade pumps.

Cascade is the premier exclusive manufacturer of custom engineered Axial Flow and Mixed Flow pumping equipment worldwide. Outfit your municipal, industrial, agricultural or recreational entity with a Cascade pump and you will see quality that lasts.

Many factors go into choosing the right pump for your unique industry. Nickerson Company has the longevity and experience to truly understand your individual issues and expectations to provide you with the most innovative solutions available.

Cascade Pump Repair

If you’re like many of our customers, your water pumps may not be something you think about on a daily basis. But that all changes when something goes wrong. Even if you’ve been with your company for years, when your water pump is in need of repair, the first thing you might do is check the brand and search online to see who repairs that brand in the area. You can rest assured that Nico Pumps can service and repair virtually any type of centrifugal pump configuration from any manufacturer. But the fact that we are an exclusive dealer for Cascade Pump means we’re even better suited to provide top notch service.

Our large regional pump repair facility in Salt Lake City has complete mechanical, machine and fabrication shops. That means we can do everything from total overhauls to protective coatings, supplies, parts, re-fabrication, upgrades and retrofits. What’s more, we are staffed with multiple licensed and bonded field service technicians with the knowledge and specialized equipment to diagnose and repair your Cascade Pump product on the spot.

Our Service Area

Based in Utah, we sell and service Cascade pumps throughout intermountain west:

  • All of Utah from Salt Lake City to St. George
  • Southern Idaho including Boise, Pocatello and Twin Falls
  • Southern Wyoming from Evanston to Rock Springs
  • All of Colorado
  • All of Nevada
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