Well Rehabilitation

Well-rehabilitation-truckAs water wells age and loose efficiency there are a number of techniques available to well owners and operators to rehabilitate the well and restore efficiency and performance. Our two most frequently used well rehabilitation techniques are brushing/bailing and Sonar Jetting.

Well Cleaning – Brushing and Bailing

Brushing and bailing is a mechanical process for cleaning the well casings ID surfaces and removing accumulated debris from the bottom of the well casing, including debris knocked loose as a result of the brushing process.

Well-rehabilitationA long metal bodied brush with either wire or nylon bristles is prepared that measures right to the ID diameter of the well casing to be cleaned. The brush is lowered into the well casing bore hanging from a sand line on we water well work over rig. The winch for the sand line is set up to allow the brush to run up and down quickly and essentially scrub the ID of the well casing bore. The well is worked from top to bottom in zones until the brush encounters little or no resistance passing through a zone. The debris loosened by the brush fall to the bottom of the well casing.

Upon completion of the brushing process, the debris material that has accumulated at the bottom of the well casing is removed with a device known as a bailer. A bailer is usually a piece of pipe with a one way trap door on its bottom that when dropped into the debris at the bottom of the well will allows material to enter the bailer but not fall back out. The bailer is repeatedly dropped into the debris and brought to the surface to be emptied. The well is sounded during this process to attempt and remove the debris all the way to the bottom of the casing. Another type of bailer commonly used is a suction bailer which incorporates an action much like a huge syringe to literally suck material into the bailer.

Well Cleaning – Sonar Jetting

Well-rehabilitation-craneBrushing and bailing a well can do a good job of cleaning the well casing ID. However, brushing and bailing usually does little to break up and remove accumulated debris and mineral deposits that reduce efficient inflow from the water bearing underground formations into the well casing through the well screens or perforations. Nickerson Company is an authorized dealer for a process known as Sonar Jetting that uses low velocity explosive charges set off in the well casing

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